Our Services

Our Services

When it comes to vision, many customers avoid what they know they should be keeping up with. Yearly check-ups, protective eye-wear, preventative measures. By incorporating training and education into your practice, and online presence, you will more effectively promote yourself as an industry expert. Build an integrated marketing package that targets your customers where they are, engages them through social media, integrated marketing and educational delivery — we’ll get your message out for you and allow you the time you need to focus on serving your customers.

Build your practice into a highly sought after niche market, a resource for continued education and customer support. One that not only provides up-to-date education for your customers, but great service and a unique experience. Extend your brand into every aspect of your practice. You will see results. Ask us. Our past results speak a language of their own. They are proven and effective.

We offer integrated solutions. Ones that fit various sized companies and their budgets. Effectiveness does not have to mean expensive. As a matter of fact we have built our reputation on value and finding cost-effective solutions to fit any need. Sure we’ve supported larger companies, too, but our solutions don’t change with the clients and their budgets. We give the same great solutions, campaign strategy and attention to detail to all of our clients. Large or small. It’s what we do.

Turn your customers into advocates. Our solutions are fully integrated and reach beyond your target market to their friends and colleagues. Making your customers advocates for your business is not easy. It takes strategy and planning. Build lasting relationships that lead to loyalty — growing exponentially to build your client base.

Attract more qualified customers and increase your return on investment. Integrated marketing solution will get you there. We offer a diverse range of services in the following areas:

> Graphic Design
> Branding Identity + Logo Development
> User Interface + User Experience Design
> Advertising Design
> Mobile Application Development
> Tablet Application Development
> Point-of-Purchase Design
> Package Design
> Motion Design
> Experiential Design
> Environment Design

> UX- User Experience
> UI – User Interface Design
> Web Design and Development
> On-line Brand Creation and Positioning
> Supportive Messaging
> Content Development and Strategy
> Stand-Alone Interactive Design (CD/Flash)
> Educational Interactive Design (eLearning)


> Social Media Marketing
> Social Media Management
> Social Media Analytics
> Social Media Trending
> Social Media Brand Community Building
> Location Based Social Media Promotions


> SMS Marketing
> Mobile Keywords
> Mobile Coupons
> Custom QR Codes
> Appointment Reminders
> Mobile Picture/Video Messaging
> Mobile Voice Broadcast
> Mobile Application Development
> Tablet Application Development

> Brand Awareness Campaign Marketing
> In-store Marketing
> Campaign Marketing
> Guerilla Marketing
> Direct Marketing
> Web and Interactive Marketing
> PR Marketing
> Integrated Marketing Solutions (Direct + Mobile + Web + Environment)

> Interior Design
> Custom Display and Graphics
> Floor Plan Workflow and Spacial Design
> Experience Design