Who We Are

Who We Are

We are an agile, nimble company that has nearly two-decades in the Advertising and Design industry experience. We have developed solutions for companies ranging from International Juggernaughts to Smaller Mom and Pop Shops. We have taken our years of experience with these companies and the work we’ve developed in the profession of independent optometry to develop tools for YOU.

Optipendence evolved from developing communications for the Optical Industry and a discovered need to help support the independent optical practice. Our goals is to help independent optometrists articulate their individual brand essence, services, products and educational knowledge and offerings into results driven communications. We develop key methodology to speak to customers and potential customers that builds brand awareness resulting in larger customer awareness and connects to consumers through a series of multi-channel marketing solutions including: integrated marketing, design and content for print and direct marketing, interactive and social media. Our analytics focused solutions and vast knowledge of communications channels crates effective solutions not just for current customers, but potential future customers as well.

Our solutions are fully integrated and reach beyond your target market to their friends and colleagues. Making your customers advocates for your business is not easy. It takes strategy and planning. Build lasting relationships that lead to loyalty — that grow exponentially to build your client base is what we specialize in.

What set’s us apart from the many companies out there is that we understand the industry, we understand the needs. We offer experience of a large advertising agency to the individual business owner — All at a price that won’t break the bank and the return-on-investment can be seen quickly.

You are busy. Your staff is busy. We partner with our clients we get to know them, their needs, what makes them unique — why they do what they do and specifically for whom? We build unique individualized solutions for each of our clients. No two companies are the same — why would their solutions be? Integration of medium channels is the most effective results-driven solutions out there and customizing them, adapting them to the ever changing market conditions is what will enable you to succeed where others have faltered.

Who are we? We’re a partner. We’re problem solvers. We’re communications specialists. We’re dedicated, driven and at the fore-front of what is coming — not what has been done before. We’re strategists. We are targeting a consumer and their needs for our clients and bringing them together at precise moments. When they are ready to act. We’re focused. We deliver on our promises and deliver outstanding solutions for those we are grateful to be working with.

We’re specialized. We utilize the greatest skills and assets of each individual to focus our solutions on our clients needs. We tailor our team to each company we partner with. Our unique ability to match client with team and generate the most effective results is what defines us.

Don’t take our word for it. Give us a call at 858-336-8590 — we’ll show you.