A smartphone in your glasses?

Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Eyeware Advances, Future Trends, Latest News, vision to reality.

A glimpse at the future? A smartphone in your glasses
(Phys.org)—No need to turn to your smartphone to check the time, look at your agenda or the weather forecast, read a text message or map a route in an unfamiliar city. All this information, and much more, will soon be displayed on the lenses of “augmented” glasses via a mini-projector placed on the frames – and on the condition that you’re also wearing a specially designed pair of contact lenses.

EPFL scientists in the Laboratory of Photonic Devices are currently working on a prototype that’s similar to the project announced this spring by Google. The applications envisioned for this eagerly awaited invention run the gamut – games, GPS, teaching enhancement, support for the deaf and hard of hearing, and myriad other kinds of augmented reality.

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